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Raising the Minimum Wage in Albuquerque Press History

September 26, 2012


06/20/2012: Wage Increase Backers Seek Ballot Measure (Journal)

08/07/2012: Minimum Wage Stagnates (Journal)

08/14/2012: Petition Seeks To Raise City’s Minimum Wage (Journal)

08/24/2012: Minimum Wage to Get Vote (Journal)

09/05/2012: Confusion Reigns On Wage Proposal (Journal)

09/05/2012: Updated: Council Withdraws Paseo Bond, Minimum Wage Resolution (Journal)

09/06/2012: Wage Proposal Heads to Court (Journal)

09/07/2012: UPDATE: Supreme Court Won’t Take Up Wage Measure (Journal)

09/08/2012: Editorial: Minimum Wage Hike Becomes a Hot Potato (Journal)

09/11/2012: Judge Rejects Minimum Wage Proposal (Journal)

09/11/2012: Ruling On Minimum Wage Set For Today (Journal)

09/12/2012: Minimum Wage Proposal Nixed (Journal)

09/12/2012: Texts Raise Questions On Paseo Vote (Journal)

09/12/2012: Breaking: Supreme Court to Hear Wage Case (Journal)

09/12/2012: Breaking: Minimum Wage on Ballot, Supreme Court Rules (Journal)

09/13/2012: Court Puts Wage Issue On Ballot (Journal)

09/16/2012: Wage Fight Going To Public (Journal)

10/23/2012: Minimum Wage Fight Gears Up (Journal)


08/14/2012: Activists Petitions to Raise City’s Minimum Wage (Radio script) (KKOB)

08/14/2012: Political battle heats up over efforts to raise Albuquerque’s Minimum Wage  (KOB-TV)

08/23/2012: Minimum wage hike may be on ballot (KRQE)

08/23/2012: Minimum wage hike petition approved (Text only, no video) (KOB-TV)

08/24/2012: Min. wage issue could be on Nov. ballot (Text only, no video) (KRQE)

08/24/2012: Council to take up minimum wage hike (KOB-TV)

09/05/2012: Typo could change fate of minimum wage proposal (KOB-TV)

09/05/2012: Snag in fight for minimum wage hike (KRQE)

09/06/2012: Typo my shelve Albuquerque minimum wage push (Text only, no video) (KRQE)

09/06/2012: Minimum wage petitioners sue city (KRQE)

09/07/2012: Typo stalls minimum wage increase proposal; activists sue (KOB-TV)

09/07/2012: Backers of Albuquerque wage hike go to court (Text only, no video) (KRQE)

09/08/2012: Backers of wage hike head to court (Text only, no video) (KOB-TV)

09/10/2012: Albuquerque’s minimum wage fight to be ruled by judge (KOB-TV)

09/10/2012: Supporters push for minimum wage hike (KRQE)

09/11/2012: Judge: Minimum wage question won’t be on Nov. 6 ballot; proponents to appeal (KOB-TV)

09/11/2012: Judge to rule on minimum wage issue (KRQE)

09/11/2012: Judge blocks minimum wage vote (KRQE)

09/11/2012: Judge rules Albuquerque wage proposal invalid (Text only, no video) (KRQE)

09/12/2012: NM Supreme Court to hear minimum wage ballot at 4 p.m. (KOB-TV)

09/12/2012: ABQ minimum wage back in court (KRQE)

09/12/2012: Minimum wage to be placed on Nov. 6 ballot (Text only, no video) (KOB-TV)

09/12/2012: Albuquerque residents to vote on minimum wage increase in November (KOB-TV)

09/12/2012: Court OKs minimum-wage vote Nov. 6 (Short story) (KRQE)

09/12/2012: Court OKs minimum-wage vote Nov. 6 (Longer story) (KRQE)

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